Meet Viasat at APEX Expo, Los Angeles, 2019

The Viasat Commercial Aviation team will be out in force at APEX Expo in Los Angeles this September. Be sure to drop by our booth. See you in LA!

Who: IFEC Managers, Product Managers, Engineers, Customer Experience and Digital Transformation leads will all get value from a visit to Viasat’s both at APEX Expo.

What: Explore Viasat’s Global IFEC connectivity, entertainment, hardware and software.

Why: Viasat’s bandwidth advantage helps to deliver the best possible passenger experience. Viasat connects people to fast, high-quality internet and communications services – even at 35,000 feet. Our premium satellite-based internet service empowers global airlines to increase passenger loyalty and satisfaction, and aid business operation effectiveness by giving millions of passengers, pilots, crew and operations teams an ‘on the ground’ internet experience when in-flight. Our future-proofed platform optimizes the fully connected aircraft at scale, for years to come.

Where: Booth 2031. South Hall, Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, California.

When: 9 – 12 September 2019.

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Meet ViaSat at APEX EXPO 2017, Long Beach, CA

APEX EXPO 2017 is in Long Beach, California, 25 – 28 September and ViaSat will be there!

Connect UP-Arconics-ViaSat-AIX-2017.pngWe elevate the passenger experience

The Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX) is the only non-profit membership trade organization comprised of the world’s leading airlines, industry suppliers, major media groups and related aviation industry leaders. APEX is dedicated to elevating the passenger experience for more than 80% of global passengers, while driving industry initiatives and desired regulations.

Flight Path to the Connected Aircraft

APEX EXPO is the perfect event to tell the airline industry about ViaSat’s in-flight internet and wireless IFE services, and how we put passenger experience at the heart of everything that we do. Our new products in flight operations and onboard entertainment integrate perfectly with the ViaSat core offering of in-flight internet, to deliver the Flight Path to the Connected Aircraft.

Meet ViaSat at APEX EXPO 2017

We’d love the opportunity to meet you at APEX, so just click here and let us know when you’d like to connect up…

Who: Meet the ViaSat team.

What: Putting the passenger experience first, at APEX EXPO 2017.

Why: The ViaSat Flight Path to the Connected Aircraft allows airlines to deploy W-IFE quickly, then add in-flight internet later, using the same cabin network.

Where: Long Beach, CA.

When: 25 – 28 September 2017.

Learn about ViaSat products:

Learn more about APEX:

APEX Board Election 2017

If you are a member of APEX, please vote for Michael Reilly, ViaSat, to the APEX Board. Thank you!


IFE CloudStore Attended APEX/IFSA EXPO 2015

Productive Time in Portland!

The Arconics IFE team joined thousands more aviation professionals from the Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX) and the International Flight Services Association (IFSA) at APEX/IFSA EXPO 2015, in Portland, Oregon, USA. EXPO took place from 28 September to 1 October. Arconics used the event to show the aviation world the unrivalled passenger experience that’s delivered by CloudStore, our wireless IFE product.

Full report on EXPO 2015 coming soon. To find out more, or to meet us at the next IFE event, you can email or call us on +353 1 6114625 (Dublin) or +61 410 59 64 74 (Sydney).

Contact us today for a demo of CloudStore Wireless IFE.

Find out more about the Arconics passion for IFE content here.
More about APEX/IFSA EXPO 2015 here.

The Future for Inflight Content by Arconics

The Future for Inflight Content

Content consumption habits and business models on the ground will ultimately shift content licensing for IFE too.

The way we consume content is rapidly changing. Gone are the days of crowding around the TV at a time a network programmed a particular movie or TV show.

Even cable subscriptions with their multi-channel offerings and programs repeated around the clock to enable ‘catch-up’ on something you may have missed now seem antiquated.

The game-changer? Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) with Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD) business models. Despite the technology and some products such as iTunes and Netflix being around for some years, in the last 12-18 months, SVOD delivered via IPTV has arrived globally, with force.

Many traditional network broadcasters now have their own apps for catch-up TV to allow you to watch programs already broadcast on demand on your own schedule. Combine this with the Over-the-Top (OTT) content players such as Hulu, Amazon and a variety of others and it’s clearly a very different landscape to how we now consume content. Even to the point where the OTT providers are commissioning their own highly successful productions, probably the best recently known example is House of Cards from Netflix.

No-one can deny the momentum of ‘binge-watching’ (many of us are guilty of a day spent watching multiple episodes of House of Cards or Game of Thrones, or a recent personal favourite of mine, Banshee) and with it the business models are changing.

I no longer need to sit through ad after ad on network television, watching a program when they schedule it, nor do I have to pay north of $70/month for a cable subscription. I can get a whole world of content by signing up to 2 or 3 SVOD services whilst cutting my monthly cost in half and having the convenience of watching content when I want. It helps that I have 100Mb/s internet download speed with unlimited data at home, that’s true – and those who may not enjoy such infrastructure may not be ready or able to take the leap into almost exclusive IPTV entertainment – but that will also change over time.

I should point out of course that the traditional networks have seen this coming and many are shareholders in some of the newer OTT providers. Smart move.

Back on the business models – take for example the announcement this week of an initial exclusive of HBO-GO for Apple-TV. Apple are a giant in their own right, but even they see the merit of such a marriage. As for HBO – a giant themselves – having immediate access to how many million Apple-TV’s in living rooms with their new IPTV/non-cable service is a great momentum builder. They both ‘get’ it.

So, what does this mean for Inflight Entertainment (IFE) and why am I writing about this on our blog?

I’ve long been saying that content licensing models for IFE need to be revisited.
Many of the models were developed back in the day when passengers shared an overhead screen and watched just one or maybe two movies on a long flight.

Content licensing for IFE since those days largely become a subset of new technologies but based around the older model for the overhead screen and in many cases a ‘per flight’ licensing arrangement. This was true for initial multi-channel PTV systems and then AVOD systems as well as portable and now streaming systems. It no longer makes sense in many ways.

In the distributors defence, content licensing has long been complicated with different revenues sitting in different areas of the studio not to mention geographic centric licensing, which is why airline licensing has sat in the ‘non-theatrical’ areas of studios forever. It’s just not as simple as saying you want to license a movie for an airline and then finish watching it in a hotel or at home later. The differences between what is classified as public performance and a private viewing are quite substantial.

No changes will be quick – or easy. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t due to at least look at it.  The catalyst might just be the massive momentum and business model shift we are seeing on the ground.

I’m looking forward to watching developments closely, to being a part of the future and to helping our customers along the ride. I’ll post updates when there’s something significant to share, so watch this space.

Michael Reilly, VP e-Enablement and Entertainment

Arconics Michael Reilly speaking at #PaxEx conference

Arconics VP e-Enablement + Entertainment speaking at the Passenger Experience Conference

Meet Arconics at the Passenger Experience Conference on the 13th of April in Hamburg. This one-day conference brings together thought leaders and key decision makers from the entire product and service spectrum of the industry. It is the perfect occasion to meet with your peers and network with industry leading experts and innovators, whilst capitalising on the insight and ideas presented by the foremost thinkers of the industry.

Join Arconics VP e-Enablement + Entertainment, Michael Reilly for a session on The Inflight Entertainment and Connectivity Debate: The Future for Inflight Content and learn how will early-window movies and other content fit into the evolving infotainment offer? New content options – how will YouTube, Facebook and social content…

For conference details please go to Passenger Experience Conference website. You will get the opportunity to network with top decision-makers in our industry. You will not want to miss this!

Looking forward to see you there!

Arconics at Aircraft Interiors EXPO

Arconics at Aircraft Interiors Expo 2015

Meet Arconics at the Aircraft Interiors Expo at the very front of IFE Zone in Hamburg 14th to 16th April 2015 and see how we help operators worldwide increase revenues, reduce costs and improve loyalty.

Our Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) , Inflight Entertainment and Cabin Management mobile apps provide amazing user experiences to pilots, cabin crew and passengers. Our platform securely connects everyone across the airline, from crew and ground staff to senior management, flight ops, tech pubs, retail, and marketing. Customised dashboards and big-data analytics provide granular insight and measurably improve real-time decision-making. Arconics software powers over 1,000 aircraft worldwide.

If you would like to meet at the event contact us or stop by booth 4C45. To access information on our innovative technology visit the Arconics website.

For conference details please go to Aircraft Interiors website.

Looking forward to see you there!

arconics team

#PaxEx Podcast Arconics

#PaxEx podcast on Gulf Competition and Cyber Suspicions

Tune in to listen to Michael Reilly who serves as vice president of e-enablement and entertainment at Arconics, talk to Mary Kirby and Max Flight at #RunwayGirl Network #PaxEx Podcast about Gulf competition to the American carriers, FAA plans to tackle cyber security concerns and will wireless ultimately replace embedded IFE systems.

It would have been difficult to miss the recent dust up between Delta Air Lines CEO Richard Anderson and Gulf carriers. Anderson claims Emirates, Etihad Airways and Qatar Airways enjoy an unfair competitive advantage over US carriers in the form of government subsidies. And Gulf carriers have hit back, saying US carriers have been able to restructure their costs under the USA’s liberal Chapter 11 bankruptcy process. But the row begs broader questions. Co-hosts Max Flight and Mary Kirby discuss whether US carriers can compete with Gulf carriers in terms of product, and overall #PaxEx, and whether the restructuring of labor costs under Chapter 11 has, somewhat ironically, put US operators at a competitive disadvantage in terms of customer service.

Now that more and more aircraft are “e-enabled”, the FAA has announced plans to establish an industry working group to tackle cyber security concerns. While it seems inexplicable that the FAA has waited until 2015 to launch this initiative, Max, Mary and Michael agree that it’s ‘better late than never’. They talk about what the FAA hopes to gain, and Michael shares his knowledge about the challenges airlines face in keeping the bad guys at bay as they move forward with significant change in the digital space.

Last but not least, Indian start-up Vistara has announced plans to “beam IFE directly to passengers’ devices”. Michael, an expert in the field of wireless IFE, tells us why these solutions are gaining traction, and he answers the multi-billion dollar question – will wireless ultimately replace embedded IFE systems?

For more on this #PaxEx podcast click here!

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