EFB Data – How not to drown in it - webinar from Arconics

Electronic Flight Bag data webinar from Arconics

Arconics webinar

EFB Data – How not to drown in it (Register for free)

Join Arconics Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) experts for a webinar on 26th of February at 7:00 and 15:00 UTC and learn how to efficiently manage multiple EFB data streams and greatly enhance an existing EFB program. The Webinar will also cover the latest trends and innovations in both EFB software and hardware and use case studies from successful airline / aircraft operator EFB projects to show how these latest innovations can maximize the operational and economic benefit of any EFB program.

EFB systems in many airlines are now maturing with many successful implementations. As an airline expands functionality, managing multiple streams of data such as Digital Library, Electronic Flight Folder and eTechlog is becoming the key challenge.  Consequently, airlines with successful EFB deployments are meeting key challenges in EFB data distribution and tracking.  During the Webinar the Arconics experts will walk you through the processes of managing this key data using sophisticated yet simple to use software solutions.

This Webinar is therefore an excellent opportunity for airlines and operators to learn key lessons from successful EFB projects and crucially how to manage the vast amount of EFB data and reporting.  In addition, during the Webinar you will see live iPad demonstrations of some of Arconics’ industry leading EFB software solutions, including:

  • Digital Library: You will see how to simplify the entire flight operations manual publishing and compliance process in both PDF and XML formats and via all devices including iPad / tablets and fixed EFB units.  You will see how pilots can find their key information fast.
  • Electronic Flight Folder: You will see how this EFB module delivers FCBP (Flight Crew Briefing Packs) to crew iPad/EFB devices (inc: OFP’s, NOTAM’s, weather & Flight logs) and how the system captures flight related data from the flight crew during flight and returns the data to the ground system in XML format.
  • EFB Data Distribution & Tracking: You will see how to provide a complete audit trail for admin and user activities and administrators can download and export file and user activity reports, including how many times a file has been opened, which users have downloaded a particular document.

Delivered by the Arconics EFB and avionics experts who share many years of experience between them, working with major airlines such as Ryanair, Aer Lingus, Cathay Pacific, Philippine Airlines, Thomson Airways and aircraft manufacturers such as Airbus, Bombardier and Rolls-Royce, this webinar is not one to be missed, so add the date to your calendar and tune in!

The Arconics Team

2014 EFB Users Forum

Arconics at the EFB Users Forum and Expo

Arconics will be exhibiting at the EFB Users Forum and Expo on 11th November 2014 in Rome. We’re at booth 15 showcasing AeroDocs.

AeroDocs is a hosted product suite that provides aircraft operators with a totally modular solution for EFB’s and Document Management across Web and Mobile devices as well as Class 1, 2 and 3 EFB’s in the flight deck.

We’ve been working with the world’s most successful airlines for 13 years, and we’d be delighted to show you how Arconics can sharpen your competitive edge.

To book a meeting, send an email to and we’ll get in touch with you to arrange a hands-on demo.

About Airline & Aerospace EFB Users Forum IX

This activity is a coordinating activity among airlines, cargo carriers and other aircraft operators. Aircraft manufacturers, regulators, EFB suppliers, and others are invited to participate in the discussion of EFB issues of mutual interest.

General topics of discussion:

  • Operational Issues and Experiences
  • Communication Interfaces
  • Architecture and Installation Issues
  • Data input Devices, Terminals, Displays, Interactive Devices
  • Application Software Programs
  • Connectivity
  • Regulations
  • Tablet Devices and Integration

For more information about the EFB Users Forum click here.


arconics team


Corendon Dutch Airlines selects Arconics for Wireless IFE platform and content

Arconics are delighted to announce that Corendon Dutch Airlines has selected the company’s CloudStore Wireless IFE software platform for installation on its B737-800 aircraft, which will enter passenger service in Q1 2015.

CloudStore streams content, retail and advertising to passengers’ own mobile devices, and is the first IFE  software platform designed to drive engagement and ancillary revenues over the entire passenger journey. It allows the airline to understand customer behaviour and refine and customize the offering in real time. The CloudStore Content Management System does away with traditional IFE media integration timelines and costs, allowing airlines to take realtime control of their IFE platform and create new ancillary revenue streams before, during and after the flight.

Founder of the Corendon Group, Atilay Uslu says: ‘Our immediate goal with the IFE program is to enhance the passenger experience, but over time we expect to create new ancillary revenues. We did a comprehensive evaluation of the various IFE systems on the market, and CloudStore stood out. It gives us a one-stop-shop for the core IFE features, and allows us to add payments, e-commerce, and new retail partnerships when we need them. Equally importantly, Arconics demonstrated the ability to work with our internal technology team to deliver a system that perfectly meets our requirements. Over the coming years, CloudStore will enable us to serve our customers better and increase our ancillary revenues through innovative new offerings.’

Arconics will provide a turnkey solution for Corendon Dutch Airlines, including the software platform, mobile apps, and content licensing and encoding. Content for the go-live system will include Hollywood and Dutch movies, television shows, music, moving map, and destination content for the guests of Corendon Dutch Airlines. Corendon choose Flight Focus streaming hardware solution to provide the in cabin wifi.

Of the partnership, Arconics CEO Niall O’Sullivan said: ‘We’re thrilled that Corendon Dutch Airlines has selected CloudStore to power its wireless IFE product. CloudStore is a few steps ahead of the game; it’s a powerful platform for engagement and ancillary revenue that puts the airline in full control. It’s hardware agnostic, flexible like no other IFE system we’ve seen and affordable too – it’s win-win – and we’re looking forward to seeing the benefits flow through to Corendon Dutch Airlines and their customers.’

Corendon signing contractswith Arconics

Contract signing ceremony, Amsterdam, 12 September 2014.
(L-R) Micheal Regan, Chief Operating Officer, Arconics; Fergal Murray, VP Sales and Marketing, Arconics; Atilay Uslu, Founder, Corendon and Steven van der Heijden, Chief Executive Officer, Corendon.


Corendon Dutch Airlines is a part of the Corendon Group, which also operates Corendon Airlines in Turkey. The group was established in 2000 and rapidly became one of the largest tour operators in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Corendon offers affordable and high quality holiday packages.
In 2013, more than 600.000 people enjoyed a holiday with Corendon.

Corendon Dutch Airlines, commencing operations in April 2011 under its own AOC, using Boeing 737-800 aircraft, serves dozens of destinations in Europe and beyond from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.


Mobile technology is creating enormous opportunity for airlines. Arconics helps airlines increase revenue, reduce costs and improve safety and compliance with powerful enterprise software, apps and turnkey solutions via its e-Enablement and Aircraft Data Management Platform, with software for Flight & Cabin Crew, Passengers and other airline personnel.

Arconics was founded in 2001. Since our first deployment that year, many operators of commercial, private and military aircraft worldwide have chosen our software to help them better manage their operations.

Arconics is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, with an Asia-Pacific office in Sydney, Australia.

Niall eEnablement2

Arconics CEO Niall O’Sullivan speaking at the Aircraft eEnablement (Connectivity & IFE) Conference

Come see our CEO Niall O’Sullivan speak at the conference about “Wireless IFE – A New Ancillary Revenue Business Model” at 12:15, 2nd of October.


Airlines are increasingly paying more attention to connectivity (within the flight deck, cabin and on the ground). With new aircraft such as the 787 Dreamliner and the A350, entering service, it increases the need for airlines to establish total connectivity strategies for all aircraft types.

The Aircraft eEnablement (Connectivity & IFE) Conference is the first event of its kind to cover complete nose to tail connectivity. It will help all airline departments to understand the operational benefits and revenue opportunities available with connected aircraft.

arconics team