CloudStore Inflight Entertainment

An unrivalled platform with the power to drive engagement and ancillary revenues before, during and after flight.

CloudStore W-IFE is far more than just a wireless IFE platform streaming content to passenger or airline-owned devices.

It is a platform that allows the airline to truly control and measure the passenger experience in real time, to personalize the offering, and to maximize engagement and ancillary revenues.

CloudStore hosts a wide range of content and functionality including Movies, TV, Music, Games, e-Pubs and e-commerce, food and beverage, surveys, internet access and any other service the savvy modern traveller requires and increasingly expects. It allows airline customers to purchase goods and services before, during and after flight and the airline to offer more engagement and purchase opportunities, depending on the preference of the airline.

CloudStore removes redundant legacy IFE processes such as 30+ day content refresh windows and allows content to be refreshed as often as the operator requires – via cellular, wireless or physical media updating methods. This includes daily or more often. It also removes costly content updating costs from legacy platforms. CloudStore is not just another IFE platform, it is the future of IFE.

CloudStore is like no other IFE platform solution in the market.

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Cloud Store Overview

Flexible Operation

CloudStore can be delivered as a complete turnkey solution with certification, hardware, software, managed services and content, or as modular as the customer prefers – for example – services can be managed by the airline with secure delegated access to your chosen partners.

Content can be sourced from Arconics, your existing CSP or any third party you chose.

Measure & Control in Real-time

A central web-based control panel gives the airline total flexibility to control the passenger facing offering and partner access and increase engagement and ancillary revenues in real time, depending on what the focus of the airline is – product innovation or ancillary revenue. Content can be pushed to connected aircraft without manual intervention.

Detailed analytics give real-time insight into the performance and profitability of different content and product items and services, with complete drill-down by country, airport, audience, route or any other metric the customer needs.

The customer can target specific content or advertising at particular origins, destinations, segment lengths or audience types. This increases relevance of audience engagement and drives higher sales and advertising revenues.

Cloud Store Key Features


  • Hollywood studio approved DRM
  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android (standalone or embeddable into your app)
  • Suitable for connected and non-connected aircraft
  • Credit card processing
  • E-commerce engine
  • Advertising – pre-roll and banner
  • Analytics engine

Content and Services

  • Movies and TV Shows
  • Music
  • Games
  • Viral Video
  • Weather and news
  • Any HTML content
  • Digital publications (newspapers/magazines)

Content Updating

  • SD Card
  • 3G/4G
  • WiFi
  • Satcoms (Iridium / L-Band / KA / KU)
Cloud Store Benefits

Real-time Control

Publish new ads, entertainment content or retail offers to your entire fleet from a central web dashboard. Target content to specific routes or audiences. Do it daily or as often as you prefer or require. Goodbye 30-day refresh cycles!

Goodbye expensive media integration costs! Do it yourself, have Arconics do it or your preferred third party. You’re in control and the choice is yours.

Retail and Advertising

Create new revenue streams with onboard e-commerce and advertising.

Maximise the value of your advertising inventory.

Big Data Analytics

Better understand your customers with detailed insight into the best performing content and products. See performance and trends with rich analytics and full drill-down in real-time. Act quickly and place more emphasis and value in what’s working – or change what’s not working. Not only is the decision making power in your hands – so is the power to act quickly and decisively to keep your product at its very best at all times.

Awesome User Experience

On mobile platforms, engagement and revenues are won by delighting passengers.

Design matters. We understand mobile user experience inside out.

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