Viasat products for Commercial Aviation

Uplift the passenger journey with an integrated IFEC experience and leverage aircraft connectivity with transformative tools for Flight Operations. Viasat products enable data-driven decision making with true digital transformation. No need to choose between a great passenger experience and more effective Flight Ops. With Viasat as a partner, you can do both.

Viasat Global IFEC

Uplift the passenger journey with an integrated IFEC experience

Viasat uplifts the passenger journey with an integrated in-flight entertainment and connectivity experience. We supply the IFEC hardware, software and global network (Ka and Ku), everything optimized for the best passenger experience, enabling more ancillary revenue opportunities.

Our bandwidth advantage gives airline passengers an at-home broadband experience at 35,000 feet, future-proofed with the ViaSat-3 global Ka network under construction.

Our in-flight entertainment experience delivers content to passengers’ own devices, reducing aircraft weight and fuel consumption. Passengers can stream their favorite music and movies, shop online, video conference with the office, and stay in touch with family, friends, and colleagues.

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Viasat Wireless IFE

Delight your passengers with great IFE, advertising and shopping

Deliver great entertainment, shopping and destination content to passengers’ own devices over the Viasat cabin network. Enable in-flight ancillary sales, with actionable insights.

Our in-flight entertainment experience delivers content to passengers’ own devices, reducing aircraft weight and fuel consumption.

Our IFE services can be delivered from portable or installed servers. We’ll work with you to build the most effective solution, including UX design to ensure that passenger experience aligns with your brand values. If your airline is ready to join the Wireless IFE revolution, and turn a cost center into a revenue center, get in touch today.

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Viasat EFB Viewer App

Pilots get fast access to the right information at the right time on iPad EFB devices

Pilot-centric manual viewing, search and feedback experience for iPad EFBs.

Trusted by thousands of commercial pilots every day.

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Viasat Aerodocs Digital Transformation Platform

Transform airline documentation into intelligent information

Intelligent information for flight operations with collaborative airline and OEM manual editing, approvals, and tracked distribution to help ensure compliance.

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Viasat Connected Flight Deck

IFC benefits for flight crew, EFBs and Flight Operations

Integrated IFC, AID and data services for flight operations. Lower ACARS charges and exploit reliable, real-time flight data for enhanced flight and maintenance operations.

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Viasat connectivity and software for a seamless, end-to-end aviation experience

From ground to sky to satellite, and everywhere in between. The ultimate experience for pilots, cabin crew, passengers and flight ops, across all devices.


Aircraft operators have struggled for decades with inflexible line-of-business systems that make data sharing, integration and reporting complex and expensive. Today, legacy systems and architectures limit operators’ ability to deliver vital operational savings and new revenue streams from mobile devices.

Imagine an aircraft with flight crew, cabin crew and passengers all in a seamless, end-to-end flow of communication. Imagine this connectivity continues to the ground, to flight ops, to stock control, to maintenance. Imagine the benefits that this network can deliver. Imagine the opportunities for ancillary revenues, journey personalisation, passenger experience.

Imagine no more. Contact Viasat Commercial Aviation today.