Viasat Cabin is the cabin management app for flight attendants

Viasat Cabin incorporates passenger information and offers an easy interface for adding passenger comments, noting crew member suggestions, and documenting any issues that need to be addressed. It provides detailed passenger tracking including location and identification of passengers, loyalty program flyers, and special needs such as meals, wheelchairs, and more. The app gives the cabin crew a way to communicate with other divisions about maintenance, catering, or operational issues that need attention, improving quality of service on all fronts.

The advent of low-cost mobile platforms creates an opportunity for airlines to transform in-flight service and make cabin operations and related maintenance more efficient. Cabin crew are the primary touchpoint between airlines and passengers. Their ability to deliver personalised and better service can create extraordinary moments for passengers, resulting in long-term loyalty.

Viasat Cabin gives cabin crew access to all of the information they need to serve passengers better, and provide timely information to any of the airline’s existing ground systems. Flight attendants can use Viasat Cabin to instantly search, view manifests, passenger profiles, meal preferences, special requirements and loyalty status. When delays or other service incidents inevitably occur, Viasat Cabin gives crew the tools and information that they need to recover the situation quickly, and deliver exceptional service.

Viasat Cabin can run on iOS and Windows devices.Viasat Cabin mobile apps can work on a connected aircraft or work completely offline. Cabin crew can still access all of the modules and functions inflight. Information is stored securely on the device and synchronized with ground servers over any available network connection, including satcoms, WiFi or 3G/4G.

Viasat Cabin uses an elegant and intuitive interface to visually represent all information, reducing training requirements, and speeding service delivery. Information is captured electronically, replacing labour-intensive, time consuming and error-prone paper-based systems with flexible electronic reporting and workflows. Flight ops, engineering and ground ops get the information they need faster, reducing the likelihood of delays on turnarounds.

Everything is tracked real-time and permanently archived, where it can be mined for operational insight and business intelligence.