Fergal Murray, CCO at Arconics, Speaks at the Aircraft eEnablement Connectivity and IFE Conference, London, 27 – 28 April 2016


Fergal Murray, CCO at Arconics, speaks at the Aircraft eEnablement Connectivity and IFE Conference in London on April 27th-28th 2016. Launched in London in October 2013, this event was the first event of its kind to cover eEnablement and complete nose-to-tail aircraft connectivity. The 2016 conference will again be the perfect venue for the exchange of ideas for everything to do with aircraft connectivity and aircraft eEnablement strategies.

The Arconics Connected Aircraft Software Ecosystem helps aircraft operators increase revenues and efficiency, reduce costs and improve loyalty. Our software securely connects everyone across the airline. CloudStore Wireless IFE is driven by big data analytics, great content, flexible connectivity and the best possible passenger experience. Customised dashboards provide granular insight, measurably improve real-time decision making and generate ancillary revenues.

The Arconics airline software ecosystem is in demand by airlines across the world. Our focus is on delivering the best possible user experience, backed up by a robust backend and a scalable infrastructure. This means that our software is adaptable, running on any suitable hardware. Connectivity flexibility is also integral. We plan to maintain our position at the leading edge of software innovation by giving freedom, power and choice back to airlines.

We also provide cabin management, EFB and document management technology, integrating with avionic hardware and satellite connectivity systems. Arconics customers include Qatar Airways, Cathay Pacific, Aer Lingus, Philippine Airlines, Tigerair Australia and Ryanair.

CloudStore-IFE-logo-official.jpgCloudStore Wireless In-Flight Entertainment

CloudStore goes beyond Wireless IFE. Data has the power to drive business development in a more customer-centric and profitable direction. But accessing, analysing and acting on big data is often complicated and counter-intuitive. CloudStore’s powerful backend features give users at all technical levels the ability to quickly understand user statistics, trends and actions. Our analytics interface is designed with the user experience in mind and allows product managers and ancillary revenue teams to quickly pivot to meet passenger needs. CloudStore provides detailed real-time analytics and rich data reporting that supports on-the-go commercial and service decision-making. With CloudStore, airlines profitably evolve and competitively adapt.

AeroDocs Document Management System

Collaborative XML authoring, controlled digital document distribution, compliance management, enterprise security. The ultimate nextgen document creation and management solution for airlines that demand the very best paperless cockpit and efficiencies across the enterprise.

AeroEFB Electronic Flight Bag

An integrated suite of EFB apps that provide completely centralised management, end-to-end security, smart re-use and sharing of data across modules, and rapid access to the right information for flight crew and ground staff.

PaxApp Cabin Management Application

PaxApp gives cabin crew access to all of the information they need to serve passengers better, and provide timely information to any of the airline’s existing ground systems.

Fergal speaks at 12:15 on day 2, Thursday April 28, and his topic is very interesting: Enabling Disruptive Applications. Learn more about the conference here: 


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