Santa Claus Selects Aerodocs EFB by Viasat


We recently got a call on our special red phone from the North Pole’s most famous aviator – Santa Claus. After much ho-ho-ho-ing, he told us that he’d done some research and felt the need for an Electronic Flight Bag. Surely an EFB would free up lots of space for presents on the sleigh, instead of lugging around the complete 24 volume set of sleigh OEM operating manuals? And couldn’t custom forms be used to ensure that every child gets what they requested? And doesn’t he need fast access to notices from the North Pole ATC tower, and NOTAMs so he knows everything that’s going on in the sky, and flight plans so he never loses track of progress? We agreed. So the Viasat design elves got to work…


Santa’s EFB

Sleigh – Manuals/Minimum Equipment List

What would Santa do if Rudolph’s red nose stopped working? Luckily, the Sleigh’s full suite of operating manuals (OEM and elf-produced), including MEL tells him exactly how to react.

Santa’s MEL outlines all the necessary equipment he need for a successful Christmas Eve, including:

  • Reindeer X 8 (Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen).
  • Rudolph X 1 – essential for his integrated anti-collision light system.
  • Back-up anti-collision light systems.
  • Back-up back-up anti-collision lights.
  • Bells, to make those cute jingly bell sounds.
  • Magic power source.


Santa’s EFB

Sleigh – Charts

We tried to do the math about how fast Santa needs to travel, including all those tricky take-offs and landings, so he can make every delivery across racing time zones. But our heads started to hurt.

With handy charts on his EFB, Santa knows that he’ll have the best chance possible of maximising his efficiency on Christmas Eve. Santa’s charts include:

  • North Pole take-off runway, with reindeer zones and Aurora zone well-marked. This is especially useful on the return leg, as Santa will be fairly exhausted by sunrise on Christmas Day.
  • Toilet rest stop locations, because all those little drinks and snacks soon add up.
  • Fresh carrot patches in the southern hemisphere so the reindeer can stay at maximum performance.


Santa’s EFF

Sleigh – Weather/Flight Plans

It’s critical that Santa has his finger on the pulse with a clear view of weather activity all around the globe. He’ll be taking off from an area where temperatures can get down to -9C/15F, with snowstorms a daily occurrence. Luckily, Aerodocs EFB weather is updated dynamically whenever Santa gets within range of wifi. Santa’s told us that his wishlist for 2016 includes adding full connectivity to his sleigh, so we’ll be implementing that for him.

Along with weather, Santa’s Electronic Flight Folder – EFF – includes Flight Plans so that Santa has his routes optimised.

Santa needs to access multiple weather resources, including:

  •  Jet stream location. Avoid this when travelling west.
  • Blizzards, so he doesn’t miss a single chimney.
  • Black ice, because slippery landings may cause toy loss.

Let us know if we can help you to deliver a genuinely paperless cockpit across your fleet in 2016. Aerodocs EFB means that there’s no need for elves or Santa’s magic to help your flight crew perform more efficiently!

The Viasat crew would like to wish you, your family and your colleagues a Happy Holiday season and best wishes for a great 2019.


Updated, 19 December 2019.