Arconics Report from AIX Hamburg, April 2014

AIX 2014 in Hamburg was a great show for Arconics. We arrived home exhausted after 4 non-stop days. The event continues to go from strength to strength, and we’d like to thank the organizers for doing such a superb job. Thanks also to the amazing work of Bozena, Aurora and Kris, for putting together such a great show for Arconics.

In addition to our market-leading AeroDocs EFB, we were showing our new CloudStore IFE system, which got a very positive response from our existing customers, and sparked keen interest from operators all over the world. We got a chance to catch up with Mary and Chantal from Runway Girl, who yesterday published a thoughtful piece about CloudStore.


Arconics team AIX Hamburg 2014

Niall, Bozena, Aurora, Michael and Fergal at AIX 2014.


We also took the opportunity to welcome Michael Reilly to the team as VP Avionics and Entertainment.  Michael brings a wealth of experience in the IFE market, and significantly strengthens our ability to help operators define their own unique passenger experience, which is a key strength of CloudStore and something they we strongly believe differentiates us from a plethora of wireless IFE solutions that have now entered the market.

For us, the key learning point from AIX is that operators are starting to recognize that the mobile revolution that occurred on the ground can and will transform the airline passenger experience in the air – from pre-booking to post-journey, and also create extraordinary ancillary revenue opportunities and deeper loyalty and customer relationships – all key elements of CloudStore.

Many IFE systems on the market miss this crucial point in our view. They offer incremental improvement in the passenger experience onboard, but do not give airlines the real-time insight, control and commercial and technical flexibility to move the needle on the corporate bottom line. That is what is at the core DNA of CloudStore – revolution, not evolution.

We’ve been working on CloudStore for three years. Close collaboration with some very smart executives of our existing customers has helped guide our efforts to build the perfect platform for aircraft operators. Last week, the world got its first look at the fruits of that collaboration. We are excited about what’s ahead.

We demonstrated a live working end-to-end IFE platform to more than 20 operators, and it was enormously gratifying to see that the problems that we’ve solved and the revenue opportunities that CloudStore creates resonate deeply with commercial, IFE, retail, and marketing executives in flag carriers, LCCs and regional and charter operators worldwide.

We’ll be announcing our launch customer in the coming weeks and can’t wait for it to be flying.

Falling hardware and connectivity costs will make 2014 the year when many airlines begin to deploy streaming IFE.  But that’s just the first act. Aircraft operators are beginning to recognize that streaming IFE isn’t IFE at all.  When delivered on a platform that rewrites the rules and enables new services, streaming IFE will become a cornerstone in every airline’s mobile strategy for the foreseeable future.

It’s a future that we can’t wait for – and we’re ready for. We look forward to joining you on the journey together.

arconics team

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