AIX 2016 – Meet Arconics

AIX-2016-Hamburg-ArconicsMeet Arconics at AIX EXPO 2016, Hamburg, Germany.

We’re looking forward to meeting airline industry customers and partners, and making new friends and business relationships, in Hamburg this April. AIX EXPO is the world’s leading aircraft interiors event. We plan to make some exciting announcements and will be demonstrating our innovative technology in Wireless IFE, EFB and airline document management. Will you be at AIX 2016? Let’s meet! Arconics will be at Stand 4E10 in Hall B4. Just click here and let us know when you’d like to get together.


AIX 2016 Show Dates

Tue 5th April: 09:00 – 17:00

Wed 6th April: 09:00 – 17:00

Thu 7th April: 09:00 – 17:00

Hamburg Messe, Germany


Santa Claus Selects Aerodocs EFB by Viasat


We recently got a call on our special red phone from the North Pole’s most famous aviator – Santa Claus. After much ho-ho-ho-ing, he told us that he’d done some research and felt the need for an Electronic Flight Bag. Surely an EFB would free up lots of space for presents on the sleigh, instead of lugging around the complete 24 volume set of sleigh OEM operating manuals? And couldn’t custom forms be used to ensure that every child gets what they requested? And doesn’t he need fast access to notices from the North Pole ATC tower, and NOTAMs so he knows everything that’s going on in the sky, and flight plans so he never loses track of progress? We agreed. So the Viasat design elves got to work…


Santa’s EFB

Sleigh – Manuals/Minimum Equipment List

What would Santa do if Rudolph’s red nose stopped working? Luckily, the Sleigh’s full suite of operating manuals (OEM and elf-produced), including MEL tells him exactly how to react.

Santa’s MEL outlines all the necessary equipment he need for a successful Christmas Eve, including:

  • Reindeer X 8 (Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen).
  • Rudolph X 1 – essential for his integrated anti-collision light system.
  • Back-up anti-collision light systems.
  • Back-up back-up anti-collision lights.
  • Bells, to make those cute jingly bell sounds.
  • Magic power source.


Santa’s EFB

Sleigh – Charts

We tried to do the math about how fast Santa needs to travel, including all those tricky take-offs and landings, so he can make every delivery across racing time zones. But our heads started to hurt.

With handy charts on his EFB, Santa knows that he’ll have the best chance possible of maximising his efficiency on Christmas Eve. Santa’s charts include:

  • North Pole take-off runway, with reindeer zones and Aurora zone well-marked. This is especially useful on the return leg, as Santa will be fairly exhausted by sunrise on Christmas Day.
  • Toilet rest stop locations, because all those little drinks and snacks soon add up.
  • Fresh carrot patches in the southern hemisphere so the reindeer can stay at maximum performance.


Santa’s EFF

Sleigh – Weather/Flight Plans

It’s critical that Santa has his finger on the pulse with a clear view of weather activity all around the globe. He’ll be taking off from an area where temperatures can get down to -9C/15F, with snowstorms a daily occurrence. Luckily, Aerodocs EFB weather is updated dynamically whenever Santa gets within range of wifi. Santa’s told us that his wishlist for 2016 includes adding full connectivity to his sleigh, so we’ll be implementing that for him.

Along with weather, Santa’s Electronic Flight Folder – EFF – includes Flight Plans so that Santa has his routes optimised.

Santa needs to access multiple weather resources, including:

  •  Jet stream location. Avoid this when travelling west.
  • Blizzards, so he doesn’t miss a single chimney.
  • Black ice, because slippery landings may cause toy loss.

Let us know if we can help you to deliver a genuinely paperless cockpit across your fleet in 2016. Aerodocs EFB means that there’s no need for elves or Santa’s magic to help your flight crew perform more efficiently!

The Viasat crew would like to wish you, your family and your colleagues a Happy Holiday season and best wishes for a great 2019.


Updated, 19 December 2019.



AeroDocs EFB, Airline Document Management. Flight Ops, Rome.


The 9th Annual Flight Operations Conference is the world’s leading Flight Operations event and focuses wholly on the key strategic issues that effect the operation of commercial aircraft.

Meet Arconics at stand E26 and learn about our AeroDocs solutions in electronic flight bag and airline document management.

AeroDocs EFB delivers the paperless cockpit:

  • User experience comes first – pilots love our Viewer.
  • Annotations and highlights saved, even post-update (XML).
  • Accepts Boeing and Airbus manuals (XML).
  • Super-fast scope search.

AeroDocs DMS is the nextgen document management system for airlines:

  • Safety and compliance are easily managed.
  • Full XML authoring of operational manuals, no advanced skills required.
  • Manual and document distribution from a centralised source.
  • World-class document-viewing experience.

We’d love to meet you in Rome to find out about the technology challenges you face at your airline. You can click here to arrange a meeting, or email, or call us on +353 1 611 4625.


Dubai Airshow 2015 – Discover AeroDocs Pilot EFB and Airline DMS


At Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) Users’ Forum, Dubai, UAE, 3 – 5 November 2015, stand 15, we’ll be showing AeroDocs, our nextgen Document Management System and EFB that delivers an amazing experience to pilots while making regulatory compliance so easy to achieve.

We’ll also be at Dubai Airshow 2015, Dubai, UAE, 8 – 12 November 2015, GATE (Gulf Aviation Training Event) Dubai Airshow stand G7.

You can get an overview of AeroDocs here. but there’s nothing like a demo to appreciate the power of our software and how we put user experience at its heart.

We’d love to share some of our ideas with you, and learn about the challenges and opportunities you see for EFBs and Airline Document Management Systems.

We’re looking forward to meeting friends old and new in Dubai, and calendars are filling up. Can we schedule a time to meet? You can get back to us by phone or email, or just fill out this form.

Looking forward to seeing you in Dubai!


Airline & Aerospace MRO & Flight Operations IT Conference – APAC 2015

 The Arconics team will be be in Bangkok on 28 – 29 October, talking EFB and airline document management. Get in touch if you’d like to arrange a meeting:

Airline & Aerospace MRO & Flight Operations IT Conference – APAC 2015. Bangkok, Thailand. 28 – 29 October 2015. More details:

eEnablement Arconics

Arconics at the Aircraft eEnablement Conference

Arconics at the Aircraft eEnablement Conference

Arconics will be exhibiting at the Aircraft eEnablement (Connectivity & IFE) Conference  1st & 2nd October 2014 in London Heathrow. We’re at booth E2 showcasing CloudStore, AeroDocs and PaxApp.

CloudStore is a platform that allows the airline to truly control and measure the passenger experience in real time, to personalize the offering, and to maximize engagement and ancillary revenues. CloudStore IFE can host a wide range of premium services such as movies and TV shows, e-commerce, games, music,  food and beverage, surveys, internet access and any other service the customer requires.  It allows passengers to purchase goods and services before, during and after the flight and the airline to offer more purchasing opportunities.

AeroDocs is a hosted product suite that provides aircraft operators with a totally modular solution for EFBs and Document Management across Web and Mobile devices as well as Class 1, 2 and 3 EFBs in the flight deck.

PaxApp offers a paperless approach to cabin management, allowing crew to complete any process digitally be it routine or incident based. Such data can include Pax Manifests, VIP Pax Data, Loyalty Program Data, Special Assistance Needs, Cabin Defects, Medical and Incident Reports, Meal Manifests, Crew Rostering Interface, Crew Notices, Forms and Manuals and just about any other requirement to assist airlines improve efficiency and service.

We’ve been working with the world’s most successful airlines for 13 years, and we’d be delighted to show you how Arconics can sharpen your competitive edge.

Come see our CEO Niall O’Sullivan speak at the conference about “Real-Time Flight Data Monitoring” at 14:15 2nd of October.

To book a meeting, send an email to and we’ll get in touch with you to arrange a hands-on demo.

About Aircraft eEnablement (Connectivity & IFE) Conference

Airlines are increasingly paying more attention to eEnablement processes (within the flight deck, cabin and on the ground). With new aircraft such as the 787 Dreamliner and the A350 entering service, it increases the need for airlines to establish total connectivity strategies for all modern commercial aircraft types.

The Aircraft eEnablement Connectivity & IFE Conference was the first event of its kind to cover complete nose to tail connectivity. The aim of the conference is to help all airline departments to understand the operational benefits and revenue opportunities available with connected aircraft.

arconics team

Thomson Airways

Arconics delivers 787 EFB Document Management for Thomson Airways

Thomson Airways is the world’s largest leisure airline, offering flights from the UK and Ireland to destinations across Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas. Thomson Airways became the first UK airline to take delivery of the Boeing 787, receiving the first aircraft in May 2013. They turned to Arconics to help them manage the documentation for the new fleet.

The Challenge

In addition to the new Class 3’s on the B787, Thomson Airways uses a range of Class 1 and 2 EFBs on other fleets. Producing manuals that can be viewed easily and reliably across devices is difficult and time-consuming. Thomson Airways was using an authoring system based on a standard XML editor. The system had serious problems including a high training requirement, an internal IT burden caused by locally installed editing software and recurring problems with overall reliability.

The impending arrival of the new B787 fleet led to a search for a new authoring and distribution system. Phil Ganewski, Manager of Flight Support, led a comprehensive evaluation of 8 different vendors across a wide range of functional and business categories. The evaluation was comprehensive, with particular attention paid to;

  • Authoring
  • Workflows, groups, and user management
  •  Security and Auditing
  • Publishing outputs – HTML, PDF, XML, Class 1, 2 & 3.
  • Importing and editing Boeing FTID
  • Overall architecture
  • Availability of EFB software
  • Training, ease of use, and vendor support

According to Phil “We needed a solution that was completely web-based.  We have busy people across the organization including Fleet Managers, Technical Pilots and Subject Matter Experts who update the manuals, but authoring is not their main job. By definition, authoring is done when the time is available.  They can go for months without using the system, so ease-of-use was a major concern.  We did a comprehensive due diligence exercise and the Arconics AeroDocs system had green ticks across the board.”

The Solution

Arconics worked closely with Thomson Airways to define the requirements for a customized solution that would meet Thomson’s needs for authoring and delivery to Class 1, 2 and 3 EFBs, including the EDB on the Boeing Class 3 EFB on the 787 fleet.

The deployment was not without challenges. The Class 1 EFBs were tightly locked down, which required some additional work to roll out the system. The authors had to be trained on the new Arconics authoring system, which took about half a day,  supplemented by some remote support as they began working with the system.
“We had some unique requirements, but Arconics gave us the help and support we needed.  Sometimes they had a solution figured out before we had finished describing the problem. It was also very helpful that the software was so easy to use. There was nothing that could have been done better during the implementation” said Phil.

The Outcome

AeroDocs was deployed in time to support the B787’s first flight. Now over 40 people across Thomson are using AeroDocs to edit Boeing and Thomson Airways manuals including FCOM, MEL, and Ops Manual Parts A, B and D, and other flight ops manuals and handbooks. Overall document publishing coordination and administration of the system is handled by a single employee.

The system is helping Thomson Airways meet its goal of a paperless cockpit, which will generate savings of several hundred thousand pounds per year.

More significantly, using AeroDocs has helped standardize manuals and the revision process across the organisation. The AeroDocs manual viewer delivers a better user experience for the pilots, who can now navigate and search the manuals more easily, improving safety. The UK Civil Aviation Authority are also connected to the AeroDocs system, allowing them to review and approve changes online.

Thomson Airways is now enabling AeroDocs across all their fleets and all devices, including Class 1 and 2 EFBs on the 737, 757 and 767 fleets, and to pilots’ own devices and laptops.

Phil concluded “I’ve worked with a lot of companies, but few are as good as Arconics.  The team are highly knowledgeable, the work gets done, and if there’s a problem, I know I’ll get the support I need.”

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