Viasat Aerodocs uses information intelligence to enable digital transformation in air operations

Flight Ops Compliance

All the problems around the distribution and viewing of airline documents are now solved by Viasat Aerodocs. This enterprise software is used by thousands of people, in the cockpit, in flight operations, and beyond, at some of the world’s most efficient and best-loved airlines. Viasat Aerodocs is a key operational platform in airlines such as Singapore Airlines, Qatar Airways, SpiceJet and Aer Lingus.

Here’s how we do it. Leading with the world’s best pilot electronic flight bag document viewer, which features advanced search and annotations, our software uses sophisticated distribution, with per-tail effectivity, to ensure that each pilot gets the correct documents to their device, every time. Powerful document editing functionality is essential for today’s growing airlines, so our easy-to-use XML editor does all the heavy lifting so you can focus on what matters most. Viasat Aerodocs enables collaboration, and makes the production of complex XML documents a breeze.

Aerodocs is a modular, aviation-grade document management solution that gives airlines complete control over the editing, distribution and viewing of their documents. Pilots love using our software to view documents on the ground and in the cockpit. Flight ops and EFB admins love our powerful, simple document control. Safety and compliance managers like how our customised reporting makes their jobs easier, while risk is controlled.

Aerodocs makes your job easier, your life better, your pilots happier and your airline even safer. Contact Viasat today and tell us about your airline document project.

Fly safer with Aerodocs


Viasat Aerodocs, Aircraft IT on-demand webinar

Learn about the transformative difference that the intelligent use of information, as enabled by Viasat Aerodocs, can make to your air operation.

This webinar has real value for flight ops directors, digital transformation leaders, EFB managers, chief and technical pilots, technical publications, IT, procurement, compliance specialists and CAAs.

What: Viasat Aerodocs is designed to be a key component of flight operations IT for any commercial airline. In this live webinar, we will examine how Aerodocs solves daily problems around safety and compliance, information management and collaboration, and workflow process management and monitoring.

Why: We will demonstrate how the software solves recurring problems with flight ops use cases, and then we will present our vision for the product. Then we will invite you to register for a test deployment of Aerodocs in your operation.

Where: After you register, you can access the webinar on-demand at any time that suits you and your team.

When: View the webinar on-demand, now.

Register here.