AeroDocs is the Safety and Compliance Document Management System for Aviation

All the problems around the distribution and viewing of airline documents are now solved by AeroDocs, which is used by thousands of pilots at some of the world’s most efficient and best-loved airlines, such as Qatar Airways, Cathay Pacific and Aer Lingus.

Here’s how we do it. Leading with the world’s best pilot electronic flight bag document viewer, which features advanced search and annotations, our software uses sophisticated distribution, with per-tail effectivity, to ensure that each pilot gets the correct documents to their device, every time. If document editing functionality is required by the airline, our editor enables collaboration, making the production of complex XML documents a breeze.

AeroDocs is a modular, aviation-grade document management solution that gives airlines complete control over the the editing, distribution and viewing of their documents. Pilots love using our software to view documents on the ground and in the cockpit. Flight ops and EFB admins love our powerful, simple document control. Safety and compliance managers like how our customised reporting makes their jobs easier, while risk is controlled.

AeroDocs makes your job easier, your life better, your pilots happier and your airline even safer. Contact Arconics today and tell us about your airline document project.

Fly safer with AeroDocs


Cathay Pacific selected Arconics because they are able to deliver a tailored solution in a timely manner. Arconics was able to work with our enterprise architecture and security teams to create the perfect configuration for our needs. Our initial deployment used BYOD devices across Boeing and Airbus fleets. The pilot feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.  We are now rolling out company-issued devices to crew across the airline and our subsidiaries. We have chosen AeroDocs as part of the solution for our A350 – our first paperless cockpit. Arconics software gives Flight Ops the reporting and compliance management that we need. Arconics were able to enhance the product based on our requirements. We have been delighted with Arconics and the software they have delivered to us.”

- Mark Hoey, General Manager Operations, Cathay Pacific

Compliance Management Software with Nextgen Document Control

AeroDocs document and manual distributor is built around the needs of EFB Managers and Administrators to deliver world-class manual distribution, tracking and control through a powerful, yet easy-to-use, web interface

Key Benefits:

  1. Simplifies the distribution of documents to EFB devices.
  2. Upload Boeing and Airbus XML documents.
  3. Upload airline-generated manuals – PDF or XML.
  4. Distribute documents to fleet-wide EFB devices.
  5. Track each document and ensure it has been received and acknowledged by the crew member. Target document by individual flight crew member, user group, aircraft or flight number.
  6. Interrogate specific device status.
  7. Comprehensive dashboard showing out-of-date devices.
  8. Easy configuration to add new aircraft/users to the system.
  9. Integrates with popular user authentication solutions.

The AeroDocs Advantage

Safety and compliance is the number one concern of every airline executive.

AeroDocs Document Management is the safety and compliance document management system for aviation. It is a powerful and easy to use airline document management system. It provides a single, centralised repository to edit, revise and track all operational and non-operational company documentation, in real-time.

Ongoing operational readiness is ensured through controlled distribution to mobile devices as well as giving your documentation teams, external partners and regulators access to documents as needed.

Our software ensures that each pilot gets the correct, and most up-to-date documents to their electronic flight bag document viewer, every time. This is a modular, aviation-grade document management system that gives airlines complete control over the the editing, distribution and viewing of their documents.


“While traditional document management systems contain a database of corporate manuals and operating procedures, what we wished to invest in at Qatar Airways is a platform that supports long-term business objectives. In selecting the Arconics AeroDocs solution, our main aim was to develop an intuitive system that not only provides information, but includes features that will also enhance our operations and enable us to detect and address matters expediently. Qatar Airways approaches its safety and security operations with longevity in mind; and building technological enhancements is a primary focus in supporting the airline’s safety and security processes as it consistently attains double-digit growth, year on year.”

- Ashish Jain, Senior Vice President of Qatar Airways Group Safety and Security

Safety and Compliance Document Management – Sign Up to View a Recording of Our Webinar

We recently held a live webinar on The Secret to Safety and Compliance, with our friends at Aircraft IT. You can register now to access a recording of the webinar, which includes an overview of the extensive AeroDocs feature set, and a demonstration of why our software is the nextgen safety and compliance document management system in aviation. If you’d like to view the recording, just click here. We welcome any questions you might have. Just email us at:

AeroDocs Product Features and Benefits – Brief Overview


iOS App

Designed specifically for airlines, AeroDocs Viewer provides an optimised experience for Flight Crew to reduce workload, removing the requirements for paper documents and dramatically cutting training costs. The AeroDocs Viewer can be distributed as a native iPad application and can be downloaded from Apple’s App Store. The app corresponds to iOS standards and presents a familiar, intuitive interface to Apple users.

The AeroDocs EFB document viewer delivers many benefits to pilots, including:

  • Search – AeroDocs makes it easy for pilots to search document libraries, quickly and effectively. In addition to free text search, AeroDocs viewer can take advantage of OEM XML manuals and search for specific content, such as ECAM alerts, across all manuals. And no time is lost waiting for large PDFs to open. Everything is fast, smooth, responsive.
  • Annotations – Adding highlights and comments to important content has never been easier. Pilots can easily manage annotations and highlights using the annotation listing feature and annotations are preserved between updates.
  • Day/Night Mode – Pilots can easily toggle between day and night viewing modes for maximum comfort in the cockpit, whatever the light conditions.
  • Effectivity – Tail-specific filtering ensures that pilots see only the manuals relevant to their aircraft.
  • Feedback – Pilots can send feedback directly to the manual owner, by tapping the feedback icon on the menu. Feedback can be actioned inflight, then automatically syncs to ops when connectivity allows.

Revision Management Workflow

Because of their safety implications, airline ‘write-publish-revise’ cycles are among the most rigorous and demanding of any industry. It’s not sufficient to just revise a document: the reasons for the change, the steps made when reviewing the change and the subsequent distribution of updated publications to affected parties must be fully logged and available for inspection by compliance auditors and other interested parties.

AeroDocs makes it a breeze to set up the workflows that manage this demanding process. Out-of-box, AeroDocs provides a set of usable default workflows which you can clone and extend to meet the needs of specific documents or departments. You can include external participants (such as regulators, crew, or subject-matter experts) in a workflow and you can control their role and permitted actions within the review cycle.


Change Tasks

Change Tasks is a feature of AeroDocs that works in conjunction with workflow primarily to assist reviewers in the pre-publishing stages.

By using change tasks, and auto-tagging changes, authors can alert reviewers (usually subject matter experts or SMEs) on which changes are relevant for them to review. This prevents reviewers having to search through hundreds of pages of documents to find the information relevant to them.

For example, all changes relating to navigation can be tagged and the navigation SME reviewer alerted automatically. This saves a lot of time and also prevents instances of reviewers missing changes that they need to review.


AeroDocs provides a number of ways to view changes to documents.

These include:

• Inline markup (insert/strikethrough).
• Revision sidebars.
• Colour-coded change icons.
• Change reports (list of effective sections).



As a Team Lead, once you’ve initiated a new document revision cycle, you’ll want to track progress and ensure that you’re meeting your deadlines and production targets.

Your first stop will always be your personal AeroDocs dashboard. This shows how your projects are progressing, and provides access to your team profiles, messages, conversations and alerts.

You can use the dashboard to drill into teams, tasks or workflows to view the activity reports associated with the entity in question. You can identify your star performers, view the progress on a particular task and understand how workflows can be fine-tuned to increased efficiency.

Role-Based Access

A flexible role-based access control system allows you to specify which documents team members can view and how they can interact with these documents. Team leaders can assign default roles (such as Author or Editor) to an individual; this role can be overridden for specific documents or projects.


Ease Of Use

AeroDocs is extremely simple to use. Conventional XML editors require that users have weeks of specialist training before they become productive. AeroDocs users can become productive after half a day of training. If you can use a word processor, then you can use AeroDocs.

This ease-of-use has been achieved with advanced UI design, and without sacrificing any of the power or capabilities of a conventional XML editor.

Per-tail Effectivity

Managing the endless document variations associated with large fleets poses a continuing challenge for operators. AeroDocs provides the specific functionality you need to meet this challenge. Using our effectivity tagging system, you can produce customised document variations for every tail without any additional effort and without introducing redundancy into your data set. Effectivity extends throughout the publication cycle, so tail-specific document variants are created automatically as part of the publication process.

Controlled Distribution

Use AeroDocs to distribute documents to your staff. You can associate particular collections of documents with specific staff groups. These groups can be automatically imported from your enterprise identity management solution. Documents can then be automatically pushed to all group members. In addition, you can bypass the group mechanism in order to add or remove specific documents from the collections of individual staff members.

Boeing and Airbus XML Manual Distribution

AeroDocs supports Airbus and Boeing Operations Manuals (FCOM, MEL, CDL, QRH, etc.) and General Operations Manuals (Part A, B, C & D, SOP, Cabin Crew, etc.).  These documents can be imported in their native XML format and distributed to the AeroDocs Viewer. Manuals can be output to AeroDocs Viewer for EFB Class 1, 2 & 3, Web and Mobile, XML for Airbus and Boeing EFB and PDF.


AeroDocs is an ideal choice for organisations which encompass multiple AOCs. AeroDocs makes it easy to manage the document sets specific to each AOC, as well as common documentation which may include specific customisation for individual AOCs. In situations where AOCs are operating within different regulatory environments, AeroDocs can be configured to display only the regulations that are relevant when a user logs in from a specific AOC.

Safety and Compliance

Among the benefits delivered to safety and compliance managers by AeroDocs:

  1. Compliance tagging for linking ops manuals internally, and also to external regulatory manuals.
  2. Activity log to easily generate reports on who revised any manual, even when offline.
  3. Real-time tracking of manuals, documents and users. Risk is controlled.
  4. Controlled, secure distribution of documents to individuals and groups.
  5. Read+Confirm requires pilots to confirm receipt of revisions and new documents.
  6. Reports can be generated in .CSV format for easy distribution to auditors and airline executives.
  7. Crew feedback goes directly to the manual owner, ensuring process feedback and helping to foster a safety culture across the airline.

Read more about how AeroDocs helps to control risk.

What’s next?

We’d love to learn more about your project, show you how easy our proven software is to operate, and see how we can help you convert problems into solutions.

  • For more information about AeroDocs software, just click on the Learn More button, fill in your contact details and we’ll instantly send you a free, detailed data sheet about the AeroDocs tiered solutions.
  • Learn more about how quick and easy an AeroDocs deployment to your airline can be. Click here.
  • If your airline has decided to deploy the paperless cockpit, AeroDocs CONTROL is the perfect solution. Click here to arrange a web demo.
  • If your airline has identified a specific requirement for AeroDocs COMPLIANCE software with XML editing functionality, it may be best for us to learn more about your problems at the demo stage. Just click on Request a Demo and we’ll arrange the rest.
  • To get in touch with us immediately, just email or call the AeroDocs Customer Success Team on +353 1 611 4625 and we’ll answer all your questions.

AeroDocs – Tiered Solutions to Meet Every Challenge

AeroDocs is available in three solutions, each designed to meet different needs. The upgrade path is easy and the software is scalable to any fleet size. Tell us about your project and we’ll help you choose the best fit for your airline.

AeroDocs CONTROL – The fast track to the paperless cockpit

Incorporates the document distribution and viewing modules and is designed to appeal to airlines that want to quickly adopt the paperless cockpit. Also solves problems for airlines that are currently using non-aviation grade solutions, often from more than one supplier. AeroDocs ensures complete control over an airline’s processes and documentation. Boasts the world’s best pilot EFB viewer.

AeroDocs COMPLIANCE – Adds nextgen XML functionality for pilots and safety and compliance managers

Adds XML editing module to distribution and viewing functionality. Enables easy XML editing of Airbus and Boeing manuals, as well as general ops manuals in one seamless system. Advanced regulation tagging helps ensure regulatory compliance.

AeroDocs ENTERPRISE – Delivers efficiencies from the cockpit to the boardroom

Complete product functionality suite with multi-AOC management, fully customised to handle an airline’s ops and corporate document needs. The ultimate document safety and compliance solution for aviation. Installed on airline’s own servers, enterprise license.

Arconics AeroDocs airline document management and control system software