The proven, trusted and reliable pilot Electronic Flight Bag.

The EFB for every fleet size, any aircraft mix.

AeroEFB is a Portable, Type A/B software designed to create Electronic Flight Folders, and also distribute and view Airbus and Boeing XML aircraft manuals, plus internal manuals produced by the airline. This aviation-specific software enables viewing of flight documents and dynamic content on iPad and Windows portable devices, in any operating environment, with advanced day/night mode functionality. Safety and regulatory compliance are made easy with workflows, tracking and content linking. Data security is paramount. Manuals can be updated in PDF or XML format. Our app enables pilots to quickly find the information they require – crucial when quick decisions need to be made on the flight deck. Arconics software is built around the needs of the professional pilot and consists of a suite of tightly-integrated modules: Manuals, Flight Briefing, Forms, Weather, Read+SignViewer and Distributor.

This solution can also integrate with AeroDocs DMS – our nextgen Document Management System – for the complete document and manual authoring, tracking, distribution, control and viewing experience.