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Experience the Connected Aircraft Platform with the Arconics App Suite.

Arconics aviation grade apps are available as individual app solutions or a complete connected aircraft bundle. Our Connected Aircraft Software Platform is designed to deliver Arconics apps to any mobile device and to connect the apps with the aircraft and, using available connectivity, to connect with ground systems. Our apps can also be deployed independently, integrating with your existing systems and operating on any suitable hardware.


Electronic Flight Bag

The modular EFB solution. Manuals, Electronic Flight Folder, forms, NOTAMs, weather and more.
Every fleet size, any aircraft mix.

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Document Management

The world’s leading safety and compliance document management software. Flight Ops can control the distribution of manuals into the paperless cockpit’s iPad or Windows Surface pilot devices.

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Wireless IFE

BYOD functionality is delivered to passengers, with movies, music, advertising and more. Easy content upload and management. Generate ancillary revenues fast, with minimal time-to-value.

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Cabin Management

Empower your flight attendants with connectivity to passengers and flight crew. Deliver service differentiation and maximise ancillary revenues.

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Arconics Aircraft Software Platform

Arconics apps are designed to communicate and share data with each other, the aircraft and ground systems using our Platform. Enjoy rapid benefits when your airline deploys Arconics apps on the Arconics Platform.

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Arconics software for a seamless, end-to-end aviation experience

From ground to sky to satellite, and everywhere in between. The ultimate experience for pilots, cabin crew, passengers and flight ops, across all devices.

Aircraft operators have struggled for decades with inflexible line-of-business systems that make data sharing, integration and reporting complex and expensive. Today, legacy systems and architectures limit operators’ ability to deliver vital operational savings and new revenue streams from mobile devices.

Imagine an aircraft with flight crew, cabin crew and passengers all in a seamless, end-to-end flow of communication. Imagine this connectivity continues to the ground, to flight ops, to stock control, to maintenance. Imagine the benefits that this network can deliver. Imagine the opportunities for ancillary revenues, journey personalisation, passenger experience.

Imagine no more.