The Viasat Connected Aircraft Platform integrates your fleet with your IT infrastructure

The Viasat Connected Aircraft Software Platform enables the connected aircraft. The Platform hosts onboard applications for cockpit and cabin.

It provides a comprehensive set of APIs to facilitate:

  • Data transfer on/off the aircraft.
  • Data channel management, routing data via satcom, 4G and physical media.
  • Application deployment across the fleet.
  • ARINC 717 and 429 databus access.
  • Integration adaptors for popular airline systems.
  • The Platform also allows mobile apps to exchange data securely. This is available for both iOS and Windows tablet devices. The Platform runs on all popular aircraft servers.

Our Connected Aircraft Platform helps airlines to develop and deploy mobile apps for passengers and crew in weeks instead of years. It allows the airline to quickly deliver service differentiation, operational efficiencies, better use of data, and new ancillary revenue opportunities.

The Unconnected Aircraft

Disparate systems use different ways to transfer data on and off the aircraft. These systems don’t communicate with each other and opportunities for data-driven decisions are lost. Data should travel fast, but the old ways of getting data on and off the aircraft just don’t make business sense any more. Problem solved by Viasat.

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The Viasat Platform

Our solution unifies aircraft data management, utilising all connectivity options to integrate the aircraft with your airline’s IT systems and to enable the fast deployment of Viasat apps, your airline’s apps and third party apps. Our API makes it easy to build applications for the Viasat Platform.

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Deploy Viasat apps to our Platform for rapid benefits

Viasat apps are designed to communicate and share data with each other, the aircraft and ground systems using our Platform. Enjoy rapid benefits when your airline deploys Viasat apps on the Viasat Platform. Just click on the icons to learn more about our aviation-specific apps.

Electronic Flight Bag

The modular EFB solution. Manuals, Electronic Flight Folder, forms, NOTAMs, weather and more. Every fleet size, any aircraft mix.

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Document Management

Aviation’s safety and compliance document management software. Flight Ops can control the distribution of manuals into the paperless cockpit’s iPad or Windows Surface pilot devices.

Learn more about Viasat AeroDocs

Wireless IFE

BYOD functionality is delivered to passengers, with movies, music, advertising and more. Easy content upload and management. Generate ancillary revenues fast, with minimal time-to-value.

Learn more about Viasat Wireless IFE

Cabin Management

Empower your flight attendants with connectivity to passengers and flight crew. Deliver service differentiation and maximise ancillary revenues.

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