AeroDocs is the new paradigm in airline document management.

A technology shift in safety and compliance, collaboration and usability.

AeroDocs is a document management system designed to create, distribute and view Airbus and Boeing XML aircraft manuals, plus internal manuals produced by the airline. Safety and regulatory compliance are made easy with AeroDocs workflows, tracking and content linking. Manuals can be updated in PDF or XML format. Our app enables pilots to find the information they require fast – crucial when quick decisions need to be made on the flight deck. AeroDocs consists of three integrated modules: AeroDocs Viewer, AeroDocs Distributor and AeroDocs Author.


“The airline is very conscious that rapid expansion requires rigorous precision in how we manage that growth, and with the investment in enterprise technologies such as AeroDocs DMS, we are addressing multiple needs of the business in one single point. Effective communication and secure data exchanges are crucial when it comes to safeguarding our global operations. This highly-customised tool we have invested in supports our day-to-day operations, and further reinforces Qatar Airways’ commitment to deploying the leading technologies in its business – both on the ground and in the air.”

– His Excellency Mr. Akbar Al Baker, Qatar Airways Group Chief Executive


Introducing AeroDocs

AeroDocs is a suite of software applications designed to help airlines manage aircraft data and flight-related documentation. It consists of two world-leading products:

  • AeroDocs ìs an airline Document Management System for managing aircraft XML manuals as well as company-generated manuals. This product delivers authoring and distribution of manuals, plus manual viewing on mobile devices.
  • AeroDocs EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) is a software platform designed to manage flight-related data. The system integrates with current flight operations systems and presents information to the pilot during all phases of flight. Modules include EFF (electronic flight folder), weather, forms, crew notices and manual viewing.

AeroDocs Airline Document Management System

AeroDocs is a mobile document management solution for airline manuals. Flexible, multi-format document management for XML and PDF files doesn’t come any easier. Edit, manage and view aircraft manuals on the fly, on iPad or Windows viewers. Improve efficiencies, cut costs and increase team productivity. AeroDocs is fully compatible with the AeroDocs EFB suite of modules.

The system delivers tangible benefits across all modules:

  • AeroDocs Viewer is a mobile app used by pilots to access critical flight manual content during all phases of flight. This app is specifically designed for viewing Airbus and Boeing XML manuals, plus company-generated manuals. Built with pilot needs to the fore, our Viewer brings pilot-centric functionality into the flight deck, with genuine innovations, including:
    1. Annotations – Pilot notes are stored on our cloud server, so that when manuals are updated, the annotations are never lost. New device? No problem. When the pilot downloads our app and signs in, all previous annotations and notes are instantly delivered.
    2. Search – Vital in the cockpit when the flightcrew demand immediate answers. Our dynamic search capability returns the correct results at lightning speed. Critically, our filtered search function returns ECAM/EICAS results in an instant.
    3. Effectivity – Our Viewer displays only the documents that are specific to the plane’s tail number reducing potential for confusion when demanding situations arise.
  • AeroDocs Distributor controls document distribution and tracking to mobile devices. Documents can be automatically targeted by crew, flight or aircraft. The system tracks each device to ensure the latest version of each document is up to date. AeroDocs Distributor can alert supervisors about a crew device that is out of date where the crew member is scheduled to fly. This advanced compliance monitoring give airline managers that peace of mind that all relevant information is available to crew at all times and that all safety and compliance requirements are met. This solution controls document distribution to popular mobile devices including EFB hardware devices in iOS and Windows platforms. The solution works for pilot-issued devices, plus installed EFB systems including class 3 EFBs.
  • AeroDocs Author allows staff with minimal training to create next generation XML documents, with advanced annotation functionality, super-fast search and integrated document management.

The AeroDocs platform delivers real benefits across the airline:

  • Pilots get best-in-class EFB Document Viewer module, which provides instant access to digital manuals, both on and off the aircraft.
  • Reduces time and cost for manual production, no paper processing or physical manual production.
  • Increases productivity of manual owners and technical publication staff through more efficient, collaborative, Web-based processes.
  • Comprehensive document distribution and tracking features, providing a controlled environment that ensures all pilot documents are up-to-date before they fly.
  • Highly-structured authoring environment that produces consistent, well-structured, intelligent documents suitable for all mobile platforms. Solution allows content reuse across manuals. This ensures consistent definitions across manuals and reduces conflicting information.
  • Comprehensive approval workflow captures change requests and route through predefined approval process before final revision distribution.
  • In-built compliance management compliance function maps current regulations. This more easily supports airline safety processes.