EFB Data – How not to drown in it - webinar from Arconics

Electronic Flight Bag data webinar from Arconics

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EFB Data – How not to drown in it (Register for free)

Join Arconics Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) experts for a webinar on 26th of February at 7:00 and 15:00 UTC and learn how to efficiently manage multiple EFB data streams and greatly enhance an existing EFB program. The Webinar will also cover the latest trends and innovations in both EFB software and hardware and use case studies from successful airline / aircraft operator EFB projects to show how these latest innovations can maximize the operational and economic benefit of any EFB program.

EFB systems in many airlines are now maturing with many successful implementations. As an airline expands functionality, managing multiple streams of data such as Digital Library, Electronic Flight Folder and eTechlog is becoming the key challenge.  Consequently, airlines with successful EFB deployments are meeting key challenges in EFB data distribution and tracking.  During the Webinar the Arconics experts will walk you through the processes of managing this key data using sophisticated yet simple to use software solutions.

This Webinar is therefore an excellent opportunity for airlines and operators to learn key lessons from successful EFB projects and crucially how to manage the vast amount of EFB data and reporting.  In addition, during the Webinar you will see live iPad demonstrations of some of Arconics’ industry leading EFB software solutions, including:

  • Digital Library: You will see how to simplify the entire flight operations manual publishing and compliance process in both PDF and XML formats and via all devices including iPad / tablets and fixed EFB units.  You will see how pilots can find their key information fast.
  • Electronic Flight Folder: You will see how this EFB module delivers FCBP (Flight Crew Briefing Packs) to crew iPad/EFB devices (inc: OFP’s, NOTAM’s, weather & Flight logs) and how the system captures flight related data from the flight crew during flight and returns the data to the ground system in XML format.
  • EFB Data Distribution & Tracking: You will see how to provide a complete audit trail for admin and user activities and administrators can download and export file and user activity reports, including how many times a file has been opened, which users have downloaded a particular document.

Delivered by the Arconics EFB and avionics experts who share many years of experience between them, working with major airlines such as Ryanair, Aer Lingus, Cathay Pacific, Philippine Airlines, Thomson Airways and aircraft manufacturers such as Airbus, Bombardier and Rolls-Royce, this webinar is not one to be missed, so add the date to your calendar and tune in!

The Arconics Team