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Experience airline-specific in-flight internet, document control, wireless IFE, and pilot EFB software from ViaSat. We provide a connected aircraft software platform and mobile apps for managing aircraft and flight-related data in the aviation industry. Our aviation grade software operates on any suitable hardware and delivers the right information, and the best possible user experience, to pilots, flight ops and passengers. We connect everyone onboard.

Arconics was acquired by ViaSat, Inc. in November 2016. The acquisition delivers many exciting benefits to our customers, including a global support network, connectivity powered by the world’s highest capacity satellites, and synergies driven by an expanded customer base of the world’s leading airlines.


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Since our first deployment with Ryanair, our software has been chosen by airlines including Singapore Airlines, Qatar Airways, Aer Lingus, Cathay Pacific, Philippine Airlines and SpiceJet. These airlines rely on us to manage their most critical operational data in the air and on the ground, to maximise passenger experience, and to assist in compliance with their regulatory obligations.

How can we assist your airline to meet and exceed customer and shareholder expectations? Whether you are at the research, RFI, RFP or preferred vendor stage of your process, or require an immediate deployment, we’re ready to help. Explore our product range and get in touch today.

Experienced team

Over the years, we’ve built an extraordinary team and developed deep expertise in aviation, mobile application development, content management and distribution, and aircraft operations. Many of our team members have backgrounds in aviation, so we understand your problems and know how to best deliver the right solutions, with additional benefits.

Our skills and experience enable us to scale our expertise to fit your global needs, deliver insights and accelerate benefits.

The power is in the team. Get us working for your airline and we promise to exceed your expectations.

Extensive product range

With world-leading, innovative products and a company-wide service ethos, we deliver. Our solutions help make life easier for flight and cabin crew, passengers onboard aircraft and airline managers on the ground. We allow the right information to be sent to the right location at the right time. Our product range, with integrated support, makes ViaSat the perfect partner for long-term collaboration. Our focus on aviation software means that we can deliver best-in-class solutions to our airline partners, in pilot EFB, airline document management, in-flight internet and wireless IFE.

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